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2003-08-09 at 10:32 a.m.

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Layout:Ok, there is WAY to much going on here. Way too much. Now mind you it shows your flare for designing which is great. Nothing wrong at all with displaying your skills. However it takes away from your diary. The reader is too distracted by everything else to really get into what is going on with your writing, and isn't that what this is all about? This isn't a car, getting all of the options doesn't make it a bigger and better ride (pardon the pun). One thing I would lose off the top is the fade effect when you change pages. That annoyed the shit out of me. I hate hate hate hate hate that command. If you took that one little thing out there would be major improvement. Please don't get me wrong I'm not saying your layout sucks. There's just too much. There is a point where you stop and you've crossed it.

Content: This is where the real meat is. (God, pardon the pun again) I loved going through your entries...I was up for a few hours just reading every one and thoroughly enjoying myself. You have a knack for expressing yourself and a way about you that I like. You are not afraid to express whatever feeling or mood that you happen to be in. (Or at least that is the way it appears) I read through your entries for your other reviews and while, granted you spoke about sex quite a bit, there was more too "you". If the reviewer would delve deeper the reasons for writing the way you do are abundantly clear. Your philosophy page intrigued me as well. Extras like that on a diary I like. It's not a page of quizzes or surveys but links to special entries that feature a side or an explanation that is not normally given in a day to day entry. This is the shimmer in your diary and not your layout. Keep up the good work.

For a score I would give you a 96%, your writing earned it for you.

Reviewed by: Nicole

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